Our rules are short and sweet.

1. Be nice to everyone.

2. No comments about politics.

3. No comments about religion.

4. Because of the copyright law, members cannot distribute instructions, by any means, for any project.

5. Do not ask members to share instructions that are no longer available.

6. Do not promote a program from another platform other than Pattern Pastiche.

7. Do not set up a program on Pattern Pastiche without asking permission first.

8. Do not post personal/private information such as your email or postal address.

9. Have fun!



1. Due to limited space, no more than 100 photos allowed per member in their photo album. (We will delete as is necessary.)

2. We reserve the right to use any content uploaded to Pattern Pastiche in connection with The Quilt Pattern Magazine.

3. Photos from members who have not visited Pattern Pastiche in over six months may be deleted to make room for others.

4. Members inactive in Pattern Pastiche for over one year may be removed.


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